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Reflexology Leicester
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Reflexology Leicester

Price List For 2020

An additional fee of £2.00 will be charged due the changes in working conditions implemented for your safety due to COVID-19.

The following (usually included) will not be provided/available during the COVID-19 pandemic due to guidelines issued by the government and other professional bodies: 


*Use of the bathroom

*Drink of water


Reflexology                                                       £35.00

Part Body Massage                                          £27.00

Full Body Massage                                           £37.00

Indian Head Massage                                       £33.00

Daoyin Tao                                      

Currently not available

Aromatherapy Part Body Massage                   £31.00

Aromatherapy Full Body Massage                    £41.00 

Hopi Ear Candling                         

Currently not available

Hopi Ear Candling with Acu-pressure Facial 

Currently not available


Reiki                                                                 £30.00

Transforming Touch Massage                Not available


Each new client to Holistic Health with Lisa MacKenzie will require a full consultation at the cost of £5.00 this will take approximately 15 minutes. Consultations, thereafter, will be up-dated free of charge, unless the time between visits has been in excess of one year or in the clients health has changed dramatically since the last visit, in which case a new consultation will be carried out and charged for.


The consultation is an important process as it provides you the opportunity to discuss your reasons for wanting the treatment, any questions you may have about the treatment and any health issues or concerns you have.  Consultation also allows Lisa to establish your needs and the outcome she hopes to achieve from the treatment,  Lisa will also use this opportunity to explain the benefits of the treatment, its effects, how long it will take, how often you may need to come, any after care advice to reinforce the treatment at home and devise a treatment plan specifically designed to suit you.


Lisa MacKenzie prides herself in running an efficient and professional business, providing all clients with the most effective and relaxing treatment possible.


So here are a few Terms & Conditions.


The following additional measures are required by the client during the COVID-19 pandemic:

*Please do not touch the handles of the gate or door, Lisa will aid your entrance and exit
*You must be willing to answer a few addtional COVID related questions regarding your health and the health of those in your houshold/bubble
*You must wear a mask at all times whist on the property of 6 Costello Close
*You will be required to use the provided hand sanitiser on entrance
*You will need to provide your own towels
*You will need to provide a bag for your clothes/used towels
UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES WILL ANY INTIMATE AREAS OF THE BODY BE EXPOSED OR TREATED please do NOT embarrass your therapist by asking.  You will be required to wear briefs during your treatment, if you have arrived without briefs the treatment will not commence and a £15.00 fee will be charged.

IF YOU ARRIVE EARLY please do NOT try and open the gate as this disturbs the person currently having a treatment.


IF YOU ARRIVE LATE this will either affect the duration of your treatment, or if the treatment is not worth pursuing in the remaining time a £15.00 fee will be charged.


IF YOU CANCEL, RE-SCHEDULE OR FAIL TO TURN-UP  Lisa requires no less than a full 24 hours notice, failure to do this will leave you liable for a £15.00 fee.  Messages left on an answer phone or texts will not be accepted as notification, un-less Lisa has confirmed receipt of the message or text.  Clients who have booked a course of treatments please see additional notes in "BOOK A COURSE OF TREATMENTS")  To avoid the fee you can allow someone else take your appointment, however, they must have already had a full consultation and must be made aware of the cost of the treatment booked, you must speak to Lisa in person about the changes.   


IF YOU WANT TO CHANGE YOUR TREATMENT you must give me no less than 24 hours notice, failure to do this will leave you liable for the cost of the original treatment (if it was of greater value). Messages left on an answer phone or texts will not be accepted as notification, un-less Lisa has confirmed receipt of the message or text

Hours of business are 9am till 7pm Monday to Thursday.  Please endeavour to contact Lisa only between these hours.  If you do leave a message or text out of hours Lisa will contact you during business hours.

Gift vouchers can be purchased in any denomination and will be valid until the date printed on the voucher, typically 3 months.  Treatments NOT received by this date will be charged for at the current price.  If the price of the consultation has NOT been included this will be charged to the recipient of the treatment, to be paid on the day of treatment.  If a treatment has been purchased the recipient can request a different treatment, however, there will be NO refunds if the price is less than the original treatment purchased and if the chosen treatment is more, the difference is charged to the recipient, to be paid on the day of treatment.  NO photocopies will be accepted or vouchers that appear to have been tampered with or show no valid date or signature.

BOOK A COURSE OF TREATMENTS AND GET 10% off, 6 of the same treatments must be paid for in advance, treatments can be taken as regularly as is necessary, but NO less than one treatment a month, any treatments NOT taken with-in 6 months will be lost, unless previously discussed with Lisa.  If Lisa feels that a different treatment would be more beneficial on the day and the cost of that treatment is more than the original treatment, the difference must be paid on the day with 10% off, however, if the that treatment is less than the original treatment NO refund will be given, unless Lisa makes the treatment change a permanent one and there are 3 or more treatments left to receive.  If you are unable to make the appointment you agree to abide by the cancellation rule, see "If you need to cancel", above, To avoid the £15.00 fee you can allow someone else take your appointment, however, they must have already had a full consultation, you must speak to Lisa in person about the changes and you must still take all your treatments with-in 6 months, otherwise they will be lost.


Animal Healing Please contact Lisa directly by telephone 07855 849528 or 01530 263057