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Hands-on Healing For Your Pets - Rebalancing, Reassuring, Healing.

Hands-on healing for animals


Your pet need not be ill or suffering in any way to benefit from a Hands-on Healing for Animals treatment, a treatment can be experienced just for pleasure and as a gift to a very good friend. 


What is Hands-on Healing for Animals?

This should actually read "what is hands-on healing for birds, fish insects in fact all forms of life - but that would take for ever to explain.  Healing works on everything that is living, as everything living resides energy, even plants and trees.  Our Pets' bodies, like our own, have the ability to self repair but often this process does not work very well, especially during times of stress or illness. 


It is becoming more increasingly apparent to vets that the animals emotional aspect plays a key role in its healing and happiness.  For many people their pets (fur babies, as I like to call mine) are family members and close friends, and the emotions invested in them is enormous.  Healing is another way of supporting your pet through troubles that may occur in its life.  Illness, physical pain, moving house/re-homing, introducing a child and rescuing from neglect or abuse are all influences that can unsettle an animal, affecting their own emotional and mental state, in-turn creating physical problems.


Like "Reiki for humans" the aim of hands-on healing for your pets is to kick-start the body into regulating itself and to calm all physical, mental and emotional disturbances, problems that you may be aware your pet has but often only shown in the physical sense could be cowering with fear, biting, self mutilation, stable vices or wetting/fouling indoors.  When an animal begins to show signs of illness, it may in fact have been feeling unwell for a long time.  With only medicines available to them vets are often unable to help your pet on an emotionl level, but hands-on healing can.  




How does Hands-on Healing for Animals work?


As with Reiki for humans, Hands-on Healing for Animals aims to rebalance the complex energies within living cells, which interact to work together for the benefit of the pet on all levels, mind, body and spirit.  The energy is channelled through Lisa's hands to the animal, creating sometimes powerful changes in the animals behaviour and health almost immediately.   


Because animals are so intune with nature it is believed that they probably understand and take on board this energy with no questions asked.  Animals have absolutely no concept of human faiths and beliefs and understand only forces of nature.  Animals naturally respond to healing for what it is and what it can do for them, not because they believe that it will make them better or because Lisa is giving them additional attention, which is why the "placebo affect" plays no part in Reiki treatments on animals.


A treatment will last for 15-20 minutes (your pet will tell me when it’s had enough) 

For Hygiene reasons Lisa can not allow pets into the therapy room.  Your pets treatment will be carried out at his/her home, kennel or shelter, or if this is the cause of anxiety, in a place where it is most comfortable. An addition charge will be required for travelling costs and time, this depends on the distance travelled and over-all duration of the treatment.  




Please read Terms and Conditions for pet treatments.




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